Amor Pra Sempre Weddings

A wedding does not have to be serious!

Chris and Christopher Portugal destination wedding. Even the names were similar: Chris and Chris. She had roots in Portugal, after living most of her life in the US, then, after meeting Christopher, they moved to the UK. The language is the same, the accent is different but the love was the same and just grew in this beautiful friendship where laughter is always part of the day.

We started with a beautiful indoor wedding already programmed when they went together to the Quinta, but then we ended up with a beautiful and colorful outdoor wedding. Just the way they dreamed. Is was so magnificent to see they lighted up when they were together and they were so pure in the way they connected to friends and family.

Peach was the color and fun was always in mind, even if Christine had a little cold that got her in bed during the morning. Nothing that a pill wouldn’t cure. It was her wedding day! And the bouquet just arrived with all the boutonnieres.

All prepared, all in place, and the ceremony was held by a friend, and that was a quick 5m ceremony that got the grooms married and ready for their new life as Mr and Ms. The cocktail was time to get together and for pictures and then, when the sun was going down, the candles were lighted up and the dinner started. So much fun that friends prepared and everyone got to know the groom a little better!

It’s so great to be a part of these moments. You learn so much, you feel so much. The world becomes a better place. Even when life tricks you and takes the rug under your feet, you just need to find a special place in your inner self, where you can connect and find happiness. There, you will always have all your friends together. Because soul lives were love lives.

Hope to see you again one of these days!

Inspire yourself!

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