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Because it matters

This is one of the weddings that is so very close to my heart. Diego and Carlo got into my skin the moment they stepped into Palácio Fenizia, at Porto. Italy still was not doing civil gay marriages (i don’t know if they are doing it these days), and so they decided to start their journey has a family at Porto. Cound’t think of a better choice! I was just a part of the day, with decoration and taking care…

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Elodie + Jerome a trully unique destination wedding

I have so much to say about this couple that I actually need few words. They were already in the final process of the wedding planning, it was almost finished really, so Elodie asked me to coordinate the day. I was so happy, mainly because I was going to work with an incredible team of vendors! They chose so well the whole team that worked in this day, no doubt that if their day was marvelous, I, received in return as…

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A wedding does not have to be serious!

Chris and Christopher Portugal destination wedding. Even the names were similar: Chris and Chris. She had roots in Portugal, after living most of her life in the US, then, after meeting Christopher, they moved to the UK. The language is the same, the accent is different but the love was the same and just grew in this beautiful friendship where laughter is always part of the day. We started with a beautiful indoor wedding already programmed when they went together…

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So many adjectives for this rustic, elegant and awesome wedding

This Portugal destination wedding at Quinta da Pacheca, was probably the most beautiful and music tuned wedding i’ve ever had the opportunity to plan. With a little bit of help of my friends and two great grooms, Sonia and Charif. A wedding at Douro Valley, that passed through so many beautiful places: Régua, DOC at Pinhão, Quinta da Pacheca at Lamego. Friends came from all over the world to welcome the grooms to their new life together. Every year that…

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Because we all need to love

So many days that i haven’t been here. So many days that i’ve been searching my heart for my true purpose. Always surrounded by love. Love from others, from friends, from strangers. Love. But the truth is that i’ve met so many faces of love, that i almost forgot that the love within is the most important. That’s my search. It was a hard year last year. And i’ve met the people that i needed to give me strength and wisdom to do…

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Celina + Wilson fairytale wedding

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Flowers. Nature. White. Castle. Candlelight. Did i mention flowers? Oh, and a dog. Gorgeous groom and bride. A one of a kind priest. For a one of a kind wedding day. This little castle – Quinta da Torre – was the right venue for this fairytale inspired wedding. It was such a wonderful day. What a team we gathered to have this day going as the grooms had grown in their hearts. The weather was just wonderful. It was St John’s day.…

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September. Sun. Love. Pregnancy. Wedding. Life at Quinta da Vista Alegre

My first really pregnant bride. Joy. Family. Laughter, tears….and a big belly! What more do you want in a wedding, a celebration of a long-lasting friendship? This is all you ask. Family and friends gathered to testify your love for one another and to make sure they are with you in all the big steps that you make. And i need to tell you that, the little book you see Marta holding during the vows, has a lot of history…

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Joana, Diogo and Rio do Prado Hotel

So, i tell you…. This is probably the first time i’m gonna start a post talking about a venue, instead of talking about the grooms, but Rio do Prado is really, really beautiful. It’s a venue that seems that came out of an exquisite dream. It’s very well designed and decorated and treats the guests as few places do so. Joana and Diogo, what a great choice! Love the hotel, love the rooms, love the dinner table and decoration and all…

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White and green wedding by Flor d’ló

People! It seems it’s been ages since i wrote back to you! So many beautiful things happen in this weeks that went by! I need to show you all about my this year’s weddings, but…especially this year’s grooms! But, first, let me give you some beautiful photos from a styled shot that one of our favorite vendor Flor D’Ló put together. Green is on the table. Love is everywhere and, today the Autumn starts so, nothing better then to end…

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