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September. Sun. Love. Pregnancy. Wedding. Life at Quinta da Vista Alegre

My first really pregnant bride. Joy. Family. Laughter, tears….and a big belly! What more do you want in a wedding, a celebration of a long-lasting friendship? This is all you ask. Family and friends gathered to testify your love for one another and to make sure they are with you in all the big steps that you make.

And i need to tell you that, the little book you see Marta holding during the vows, has a lot of history inside it. A lot of dreams. A lot of sentences that were written in the beginning of their life as a couple. Girlfriend and boyfriend in their first steps. And know, woman and men. Together, hand in hand and the dreams are being fulfilled.

Marta and Leandro are now three. One year has passed since their wedding day, and it’s time to remember that some weddings are as up to date as if they were just one day ago. An outdoor wedding at Quinta da Vista Alegre. The first one that was made there and more followed this path! Thank God!

This two lovebirds made our day. They were happy. Funny. Having the time of their lives, and their little one was there too! Hearts beating, good food, som many embraces! And know there is a new wedding around the corner! Martya’s best friend got engaged! She had to!

Not even the cold send us to the inside! The DJ Kitty made sure that we would keep our feet warm! And Leandro had something prepared to keep the party going!

Miss you guys! Miss you honesty. Your humbleness. Your little notebook was one of the most beautiful and romantic things I’ve ever experienced! You’ll be a great example of what life need for your little baby.

Inspire yourselves!


Wedding Planning: Amor Pra Sempre | Decoration and Lights: Make My Day | Photos: Arte Magna | Venue: Quinta da Vista Alegre  | DJ: Mário Kitty | Live Music: Marcus Buzana | Catering: Grandes Encontros

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