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Romance at Douro Valley

Paulini and Gabriel, they were such a fun couple to work with! I am so grateful that we met and had the opportunity to be together on this special day! It was a small elopement for 10 and for the first time i had the change to be a lot of things during the all-day: friend, wedding coordinator, wedding planner, decorator and wedding celebrant. Uau! Never thought would organize a complete wedding and assume the most important role: be the wedding celebrant.

For some years i have been working very hard for the universe to give me something back, and i guess it’s not trips or much money, not even have an easy job as i thought once, the best thing the universe can give me back is great people, people that have an open heart, that treat the other as an equal, accepting the best part and the not so best part.

Having really good people working with you makes all the difference, and i’m not talking about the vendors, because these ones i was always blessed with (and i have definitely chosen the best ones with the heart, and i have my own dream team, and they know who they are!), i’m talking of having grooms from all over the world – ok, half the world lol – that cross my path and that make me believe that you are a person and not just a professional that they have booked to do a task. And if i have been thinking of leaving the wedding planning business, these brides and grooms that come my way make me again believe in real people, real emotions, real life, besides all this big vanity fair that is the wedding industry.

So, Paulini and Gabriel are one of those really humble and honest feeling grooms. The kind of grooms that make you feel like a part of the day, and not just the organizer of the stuff. These are the kind of humans that the universe is offering me these days, and i drink from them like a velvet red wine, and the ease, the calm, the smile comes back to my face. If i close my eyes i can remember some beautiful moments of this wedding, i have many photos on my head, from the weddings that i planned, so many memories, so many laughs, and also some tears – many of happiness! – others from feeling tired or hurt. Its a job like any other. But, from this wedding, there is one moment that i truly loved and that i cherish, well, three moments: one was when i sent to Paulini a photo of her bouquet! She started crying and Gabriel was alarmed, he thought that she hated it! And no! She was just in love and got emotional! The second moment was when Paulini was trying to get the tie tied up around Gabriel’s neck, what a fun moment! And the third moment was during the ceremony when both of them realized that the dream was coming true after som many difficulties. Love always prevails!

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of that moment that hopefully will be in your hearts forever!

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Venue: Quinta da Pacheca | Photos: Lounge Fotografia | Video: We Love Film | Makeup: Bárbara Brandão | Hair: João Pereira | Music: Comping Music | Deco: Amor Pra Sempre by Manuela Design Events | Flowers: Isabel Castro Freitas | Ceremony: Amor Pra Sempre by Mónica Magalhães

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