Amor Pra Sempre Weddings / Symbolic Ceremony

Jess and Matt Elopement at Douro Valley

grooms laughing at a symbolic wedding ceremony

Quinta de S. Bernardo

It’s hard to have a blog! It is! You need to live for it! Breathe for it! Always have something in mind to write about, something that your followers would like to read and me, i tend to be a reader now, and not a writer! These days i look at the blog, feel that it needs to be again filled with a super xpto diesel but, i find myself always having that thought ‘i have gas for a couple of miles’. Well, sometimes i do, sometimes i don’t and got stuck in the middle of the road. No gas. No ideas. Just having that thought that ‘puff i should have done that…’.

So because there are days that need again to be remembered, let’s go back to Douro Valley Elopement of Jessica and Matt. Uau! It was just perfect! Quinta de São Bernardo is a unique spot for lovers! Full wonderful nature, full of small spots to relax as you look at the river Douro, next to the pool.

Jess and Matt, chose this room with such a stunning view, with their own private swimming pool. It was just that feeling of ‘wanna stay here forever’.

And when we got there, we just wanted to find the right spot for the ceremony. The right place to make their wedding day come true. The weather was wonderful. End of August. Time for harvest, for the smell of the grapes in the air. Well, the perfect time for a wedding at Douro Valley, just in the riverside.

Jess thought that she was very calm, and not even a little bit nervous! Matt, from the first moment we felt him a little more tense. nad when he was out with César, We Love Film, to record his vows….Well, then we noticed how nervous he was!

And it didn’t took long for the adrenaline to get a hold of Jess, and the moment that they saw each other at the ceremony spot, her heart just bammed! It was real! It was happening! And the tears she never thought she would tear….there they were, just making everything more real and more powerful.

It was for sure one of my favorite ceremonies! Not because the script was the most beautiful one, not because the groms were the best ones i ever had, not because the weather helped us, but because, all the energy that was in the air, was light, and love.

Thank you all for this unique day that was a mark in our lives for different reasons! Be Happy! Make sure of that! Be Happy!

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Venue: Quinta de São Bernardo | Ceremony: Amor Pra Sempre by Mónica Magalhães | Flowers: Isabel Castro Freitas | Photo: Lounge Fotografia | Vídeo: We Love Film | Makeup: Bárbara Brandão

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