Personalized wedding shoes

Shoes! Shoes! Who dosen’t love shoes? Well, some more then other. But weddings need some great shoes. Since i drop into this business i get to know some shoe designers that didn’t ring a bell before! And my brides, well, my brides loooove shoes!

Take a look at Vera’s Jimmy Choo‘s!

Foto: Diana Nobre

Or Monica’s Emmy shoes!

Foto: Arte Magna

Or Lia’s shoes design by a close friend Bárbara Santos!



Foto: Arte Magna

So, this made me wonder about personalized shoes. And and you google…well, it’s disapointing! It’s too…hummm i don’t know the word in english, but it’s not really what i was hoping for. It seems like dico shoes from the 80’s or something like that.

But, in the middle of all that strange shoe art… there was light! Uau! I was amazed! This unique technique. The designs. The love. So gentle. So elegant. So unique. No doubts that your story will be so complete with Marian Loves Shoes. Get to know more about her work in the site


Like so many creative jobs, Marian started up to work with shoes by chance and thank God she had this epifany! She makes the most beautiful stories drawn in shoes. So tender. So sweet. Just what you need to had a little more love to your wedding day!

Thank you so much Marian for sharing your work with us! Hope to see you soon!


So, hope you are thinking like me… what story do i want drawn by Marian?

Inspire yourself!


Photos: Marian Loves Shoes

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