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Josefinas on the go

This story is about Josefinas. This luxery portuguese shoes brand doesn’t stop! They started a couple of years ago with just one option and know they own a huge selection of designer shoes. Woman want them. Girls want them. I want them and my brides love them too!

They just brought back to life an amazing natural fabric that was almost forgotten.

Just before this fabric was about to fall into oblivion, a woman decided to invest in a small atelier and give it a second chance. For that, Thank You! Burel is one of the most amazing materials. It’s 100% wool and, due to its manufacturing process, it´s naturally waterproofed.

A long time ago, shepherds from the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela needed to keep themselves warm and dry during the winter time, so they invented a technique that transformed wool into this natural fabric.

Portugal is a wonderland. If you have any doubts just take a look at Josefina’s collection (i’mgiving you a sneek pic wth some great photos from two other colections: brides and cats!) and make sure to travel a little bit around the country. Don’t miss anything!

Have fun and  prepare yourself for cozy winter!

Photos: Josefinas

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