Sarajevo wedding and what a great wedding dress!

I am so happy to finally start to receive weddings from photographers and videographers based in different cities around Europe! Places that remind us that this continent is such a wonderful place to live and to have your destination wedding!

Thank you so much, Karlo Gavric for sending this wonderful wedding. Sarajevo reminds me of bad times, Diario de Zlata. Uau… so many years have passed, so much happen in the history of this great country. And now, we can imagine wonderful days and great memories being made in a city full of new walls and dreams!

Not only this, but when i was seeing the pictures just a little sneak peak, i just said ‘uau i would get married in a dress like this!’. And she did!!!

Lucy is from New Zealand and Faruk Mur tik is amazing singer from Bosnia a. H. They fought against thousands of miles between them and they won the battle. Their love has beat all the distances, difficulties on the road, everything which can be think of. Finally, they have become one and celebrate their love in amazing city Sarajevo with their rich cultural history. They chose me to be their wedding photographer, and i accepted with a lot of joy and meet some amazing people from several continents.

Being a destination wedding photographer does this. Makes you dream in other languages, makes you meet some great people along the way from any point of the globe. It’s a hard life packing and unpacking but the heart and the mind come richer every time.


Inspire yourself!


Photographer: Karlo Gavric | Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina | Venue: Golf Club Sarajevo | Music: Mostar Sevdah Reunion Band | Videographer: Amir Pravljak

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