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Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s away – Oporto Taylor’s Sellers Destination Wedding

This was one of the most difficult weddings to choose photos from. I wanted to show all the photos because they all have a fit in the story! It was a long way from Switzerland to Oporto to get this wedding going. Long skype calls late at night. Hard days when the English was mixed with Portuguese and french but we did have some fun. And the wedding day was a very special one, even if the dam polaroid didn’t want to work and we had such a great photo booth!

The day started with a lot of Miss Morning breakfasts delivered to Mouzinho 134 Apartments where bride, grooms and best friends were. For Maude and her friends, the day started with a morning walk by the river to feel Oporto’s brize. And what a great way to start the day.

Tiago received his friends and welcomed them with the same great breakfast bags but i had another surprise prepared for them. A great and fresh Oporto wine to get rid of the nerves! And boy if it worked!

Everyone one was so happy! So anxious but at the same time feeling so happy for this day. At Maude’s apartment, the dresses were just waiting to be put on. But first makeup and hair to all. Bárbara and Pedro worked hard but it was so worth it in the end.

After girls, the boys waiting to get their skin soften and any wrinkle hidden. And a toast! It’s not always that you see everyone laughing all day long and this happened at Maude’s and Tiago’s wedding. It was contagious. And you’ll see how much during the day!

Then…time for the first look. Everyone on the way to the bus and now the time was just for them. They were holding their vows, their wishes, their love transformed in words. And it was delicate, as Maude’s dress and funny as life should be.

A moment that is so special, so unique. I know many of you still dream of seeing her walking down the aisle, but, for now, i thanks first look is really something special, just for the two of you. As it should be. I recommend everyone doing it 🙂 I could just do an all post with Maude and Tiago’s first look…. Maybe i will, just for you to have the all feeling, when you are back to back feeling each other’s heart beat.

I couldn’t witness this sweet moment because i was on my way to the church for the last checks. Everything was in place. Music going. Father Paulo just arrived. Bus arrived. Everyone was in place and Maude and Tiago arrived together in their rented Mini Cabrio.

All set and it’s time for the show. The mass was spoken in tree languages. Father Paulo is such a special person. The grooms fell in love with him right the first time they talked to him months before the wedding. He was a great surprise. And not only he was a special person for the ones who already know him, he was loved for all after the mass. He got everyone’s attention and they all engaged in the ceremony and were wishing to have a couple of more hours with him during the party. And he came to me with us for a while. Thank God!

The mass was wonderful and everyone was ready to eat and party! And Taylors was the perfect spot for this. Everything was in the right place. Gilda made sure that all was like the grooms wanted. A travel theme was chosen and the plane was there in the save the date, in the invitation and know, was also present in the wedding day design.

The flowers were fabulous and the centerpiece caught our eye. Everything like we all imagined but….the polaroid kept on letting everyone down! We all tried hard lol but the damn machine was stuburned!

The food was awesome and the bride and groom still had the time to give us a dance after a great laugh with the games that the friends have prepared for them.

The hours went by without we noticed (like every wedding), and the music kicked off! DJ Tó Pena was in the house with a list off all the music that were important to Maude and Tiago. House music. 80’s and 90’s house music! Uau! This time i got my feets moving to! What a great party! The best of all summer for me! I never dance at weddings lol But in this one the music just got everyone so crazy. I don’t recall seeing so many people on a dance floor at a wedding!

Hours went by flying but, it was time to go. Packed. Tired but with a great smile in our faces, Amor Pra Sempre team just rocked again! Thanks, Maude and Tiago for trusting this day to us! Hope to see you soon!

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Wedding Planning: Amor Pra Sempre| Photos: Arte Magna | Vídeo, Design. Styling and Décor: Make My Day | Makeup: Bárbara Brabdão | Hair: Pedro Ferreira | Church Music: All You Need Is Love | Venue: Taylor’s | Favours: Oficina da Formiga | DJ: Tó Pena | Lights: Mind The Moment




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