Ring Exchange



With this ring, I marry you and bind my life to yours.
It is a symbol of my eternal love,
My everlasting friendship,
And the promise of all my tomorrows.

With this ring I give you
Is a symbol of my love.
I pledge to share with you my heart,
My home, and all of my worldly goods.

I offer my vow to you in the form of this ring,
so that my word and my love,
will always be with you,
close to your heart.

As a sign of my love for you,
of choosing to share my whole life’s journey with you,
and of my knowing that in marrying you
I shall become much more than I am,
I give you this ring, with the pledge
That with you, I shall become my highest expression of God,
Sharing the gifts that I have and I am with you and the world.

I give you this ring that you may wear it as a reminder of my love for you.

I give you this ring,
as a symbol of my love.
I ask you to wear it as a sign to the world that you are my wife.
With this ring, I thee wed.

I give this ring to you,
my beloved,
my friend,
my wife.
Whenever I see this ring,
I will remember the cherished bond we have created here tonight/today.


I give you this ring
as a reminder
that I will love, honor, and cherish you,
In all times,
In all places,
And in all ways, forever.

I GROOM, take thee, BRIDE to be my Wife.
To have and to hold,
in sickness and in health,
for richer or for poorer,
in joy and sorrow,
and I promise my love to you.
And with this ring,
I take you as my Wife,
for as long as we both shall live.

With this ring,
I pledge my love and faithfulness to you,
today, tomorrow and always.

Just as this circle is without end,
my love for you is never-ending.
With this ring,
I take you to be my partner for life.
I offer you my heart, my hand, and my love.
With all that I am…
With all that I have…
I will honor you as my wife forevermore.