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Awesome wedding official – made a fantastic day

Wedding official Monica was awesome. Very engaged and happy to help. Followed what we asked for and delivered more. Responsive in the build up and great on the day. I wouldn’t think twice about recommending Monica to a friend.

wedding official at quinta da pacheca
Simon Robinson

Mónica – words cannot express the gratitude in our hearts

Our wedding was not your normal, every day wedding. There we were, an ordinary couple living in South Africa with a dream to have our wedding in the beautiful country of Portugal (alright I’m being biased here because truth be told, I am Portuguese and my bride South African) but we will all agree that Portugal is a beautiful country to get married in for its breathtaking scenery!

Logistically you would be forgiven to think that it would be a nightmare to coordinate it all and truth be told, the thought of the logistics had us really concerned and almost made us abandon our dream until we came across Mónica. You know that amazing sensation you feel at sunrise when the warm sunlight touches you after a very cold night? Well that is what Tracy and I felt when we had our first meeting with Mónica to discuss our wedding.

She is a breath of fresh air. Her personality, warmth and kindness convinced us without a doubt to look no further. Without stress, fuss or anxiety, Mónica made our dream a reality. A reality that was and continues to be a dream in our hearts when we look back on our wedding day. She planned and assisted us on everything without ever wavering on our schedule, tackling any minor issues with such enthusiasm and passion and always with a “plan B” for the more challenging hiccups we encountered. Her calm demeanour on the day was a comforting presence, visiting us both (in our separate rooms) to resonate her confidence on us that we could truly enjoy our special day. All our guests felt welcomed by her and that too made us both appreciate her more so.

Would I recommend Mónica? Without doubt or hinderance a resounding YES!

We honestly cannot thank Mónica enough because she made our dream a reality and we left Portugal not only with this dream fulfilled but with a new friend discovered.

Ps. an added bonus was that Mónica can also speak English rather fluently which not only made it easier for my wife Tracy (I can call her that now) to communicate but also comforting for her too.

Rogério Silva