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Celina + Wilson fairytale wedding

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Flowers. Nature. White. Castle. Candlelight. Did i mention flowers? Oh, and a dog. Gorgeous groom and bride. A one of a kind priest. For a one of a kind wedding day. This little castle – Quinta da Torre – was the right venue for this fairytale inspired wedding. It was such a wonderful day. What a team we gathered to have this day going as the grooms had grown in their hearts. The weather was just wonderful. It was St John’s day.…

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September. Sun. Love. Pregnancy. Wedding. Life at Quinta da Vista Alegre

My first really pregnant bride. Joy. Family. Laughter, tears….and a big belly! What more do you want in a wedding, a celebration of a long-lasting friendship? This is all you ask. Family and friends gathered to testify your love for one another and to make sure they are with you in all the big steps that you make. And i need to tell you that, the little book you see Marta holding during the vows, has a lot of history…

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Joana, Diogo and Rio do Prado Hotel

So, i tell you…. This is probably the first time i’m gonna start a post talking about a venue, instead of talking about the grooms, but Rio do Prado is really, really beautiful. It’s a venue that seems that came out of an exquisite dream. It’s very well designed and decorated and treats the guests as few places do so. Joana and Diogo, what a great choice! Love the hotel, love the rooms, love the dinner table and decoration and all…

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White and green wedding by Flor d’ló

People! It seems it’s been ages since i wrote back to you! So many beautiful things happen in this weeks that went by! I need to show you all about my this year’s weddings, but…especially this year’s grooms! But, first, let me give you some beautiful photos from a styled shot that one of our favorite vendor Flor D’Ló put together. Green is on the table. Love is everywhere and, today the Autumn starts so, nothing better then to end…

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Why you should get married in a museum?

Picture this… Yes, I am a romantic. Not to me though, for all the others. I imagine fairy tales, dreamy venues, a lively and lovely atmosphere at weddings. I must confess I am amazed by little details. Something that just makes that wedding stands out. I dream of a wedding like the one from ‘The Vow’, yeah, the movie… What can I say? I am indeed a hopeless romantic. A minimum number of guests, only the closest… And if one…

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Laughts and embraces

It’s true. I like emotional weddings. I like weddings with everyone is with crying. I love weddings that make me remind good moments, moments that sometimes makes us cry of ‘saudade’. I like weddings when you can see the emotion in the eyes of people. Not just for the song that is behind played but because the priest is telling us life stories that make us want to become a better person. I like weddings where the groom and the…

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Romance all around

  This one is almost coming out… Beautifull dream venue in the center of Oporto. A stunning styled shoot that you will love! Hairdressed by Estefânia Genovese, our little Carlota Santos made our day.   Keep tuned!   Inspire yourself!…

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A full of detaills galician wedding

Jorge Carrillo is a great Spanish photographer that sent us a little piece of his work from last year. A great wedding at Pazo de Faramello. Cris and Gonzalo decided to become one last summer in Colegita de Sar, a wonderful church in the Galician capital. And there it was, the groom waiting for his bride when she arrived, Cristina, with a wedding dress made for her by Tul. After a very emotional ceremony, they headed for Pazo de Faramello where their guests were,…

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Sarajevo wedding and what a great wedding dress!

I am so happy to finally start to receive weddings from photographers and videographers based in different cities around Europe! Places that remind us that this continent is such a wonderful place to live and to have your destination wedding! Thank you so much, Karlo Gavric for sending this wonderful wedding. Sarajevo reminds me of bad times, Diario de Zlata. Uau… so many years have passed, so much happen in the history of this great country. And now, we can imagine…

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Levado à Letra calligraphy

It’s impossible not be in love with calligraphy. If you work in the wedding business or any kind of business that needs some kind of design, you can’t miss calligraphy. I just fell in love with this work and asked one of the best to talk a little bit about it. Ana Pinto, from Levado à Letra Caligrafia. Levado à Letra was born in January 2015 after a time when I was researching on calligraphy. It was an art that fascinated…

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