We are glad that our paths crossed!


This is us. Easy going. Fun. Happy. We have as many dreams as we have smiles. We love to feel good. Happy moments. Music. Trips. Animals. Family. Great food and wine. Yoga and meditation. We love life.


Feeling good about ourselves is mandatory, being honest with how we feel and what we do.

Our profession is not our essence, but it lives with us and is part of us. Only this way can we remain faithful to our goals, never neglecting self-care, which we try to remind our bride and groom the importance it has. But, we know that living a dream must be done at the top of your lungs and with a certain degree of madness (although controlled!).


We are not wedding planners in suits, we are wedding planners in jeans but who love to wear a long dress and high heels.


We are always Mónica and Patrícia. Open books and open hearts.


(take a deep breath. be true. be you)

May the world be yours for a day. May we contribute to this with our knowledge and empathy.

We hope to see you soon!