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Who am i? – Ana Pastoria


Ana Pastoria
Do you prefer heaven or earth?
Without a doubt the earth: I am a very emotional person and sometimes it’s difficult for me to stop dreaming, but the earth is what holds me to the ground and I am very grateful for it!
Is there something unique about brides’ faces?
There is something unique about all people, from the look to the smile, which makes them special. On the face of the brides stands out immense happiness and immeasurable love and this is what distinguishes them from all other women in the room.
One diva
By her posture, elegance and ability to do good without letting down: Amal Clooney
A preferred space
The sofa in the living room, with my loves and my dog.
A phrase/word that makes you smile
An indispensable product/gadget/sotware
I just can’t live without people and moments, everything else is secondary!;)A sacred ritual
For the day to run well, a kiss before leaving the house.

Black and white or colorful?
Colorful. Black and white is exciting, but for me nothing compares to the blush in the face of a woman in love, the golden glow of a late afternoon, the warm lights of a party in the summer …

Preferred day of the week. why?
Saturday. Wedding day! 🙂

Your dream picture
The one in each marriage that makes the bride have tears in her eyes when she sees it a few weeks later.

A song and a movie
Music – “Luckiest” by Ben Folds; Film – “Water” by Deepa Mehta

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