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Mosteiro de Landim Wedding

So many days that i haven’t been here. So many days that i’ve been searching my heart for my true purpose. Always surrounded by love. Love from others, from friends, from strangers. Love. But the truth is that i’ve met so many faces of love, that i almost forgot that the love within is the most important.

That’s my search.

It was a hard year last year. And i’ve met the people that i needed to give me strength and wisdom to do what i’m supposed to do this year.

Without hurries, without expectations. Just waiting for the signals that the universe sends and act just then.

Until then. Let’s remember the beautiful days that we had last year. From the beginning! 5th May, Alexandra and Tiago, got married at Mosteiro de Landim. Father Paulo (what a magic soul!) was the best of the ceremony of course, and the wedding was so beautiful. It’s a great venue, full of history.

Let me show you a little bit of the day that started with a beautiful ceremony, that had a great OST performed outside by a group of great musicians! They made the moment be bigger!

We had a serenade, we even had a moment where the football match that would make FCP champion, kept many in suspense and was simply even more radiant after the game was over!

Scattered photos all over the garden, items that brought good memories of childhood, from university great moments, of unique and funny family moments. There was room for everything and everyone! And Tiago still picked up his guitar.

It was a full day full of life, where the moments were interspersed in a dance of energy and a desire that the day did not end.

Let’s remember it, shall we?


Inspire yourself!


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