Joana, Diogo and Rio do Prado Hotel

So, i tell you…. This is probably the first time i’m gonna start a post talking about a venue, instead of talking about the grooms, but Rio do Prado is really, really beautiful.

It’s a venue that seems that came out of an exquisite dream. It’s very well designed and decorated and treats the guests as few places do so. Joana and Diogo, what a great choice!

Love the hotel, love the rooms, love the dinner table and decoration and all the feeling you have in the air that your breath.

So of course, love flows and passion explodes and dreams do come true. I know César loved to film the unique wedding, not only for the vibe of the grooms but also because of the amount of details that he could capture to enrichen is work.

The venue is just wonderful, you can see it in the film, the rooms, the outdoors and the greenhouse transformed into a dining room it’s just amazing. Joana and Diogo helped to make this video very unique with their vows from one to another. After they meet each other their life was forever changed and the best day aff all was this. We are so glad to capture their wedding day and their forever love promises.

We should not just swear our love forever in our wedding day. We should do that as many times as possible…. When was the last time that you did it? Don’t forget that autumn is here and that as the leafs fall our hears need a warmer embrace! Take a glass of wine and take your wedding album of the drawer.


Inspire yourself!


Video: We Love Film

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