Pedro Filipe Fotografia


My name is Pedro Filipe and with my wife, we are Pedro Filipe Fotografia. For me photography is more than a hobby, it is art. In recent years I have devoted myself to photographing marriages, believing that nothing is more magical than to freeze a love story in time and space. I create pictures based on emotions and create photos for passionate people. My style is a unique combination of fine art, photojournalism and portrait. I try to capture the feeling, the laughter, the reactions and the small details that make a special day, using almost exclusively natural light.

Above all, I want to make people happy and tell their stories with my images. As in the creation of any work of art, a photographer does not need to sign his work. His work speaks for itself. I live in Aveiro, Portugal, but the world is my goal



Adress: Av. Dr. Fernando Raimundo Rodrigues, 1309
3885-412 Esmoriz


Contactl: +351936966369







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