Ana Pastoria

My name is Ana and I have never eaten a burger at McDonalds. And yes, that is a fact we can discuss if we ever meet. Other than that I have tried some exotic foods over the course of my travels. Do you like traveling? For me traveling is as essential as breathing and, if I go a long time without traveling, I end up feeling claustrophobic inside my own skin.

Traveling is what got me into photography. I used to have myopia and whenever I went somewhere new I couldn’t actually see the particular magic of the place. After I got surgery I could see even the littlest ray of light around the leaves of a tree and I thought “oh my, i need to register this, in case i loose my sight again i’ll have something to hold on to”, and so I did. I started documenting every travel I made and every single amazing detail of what i saw, and ended up usually with 4000 photos on a  3 day trip. And then a friend got married and I shot her wedding as a “try-out” and I realized that there was something even better in the world than lights and leaves: emotions! True love, pure joy, intense happiness…

And years later here we are: I am one of the lucky ones! My job is actually one of my favorite things to do in the whole world and I get to share with people what it is I see when I witness their beautiful, amazing, celebrations of love! How awesome is that?!




Adress: Coimbra


Main contact: +351 918213558





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