Butchers Brass Band


Butchers Brass Band is a musical group with 12 musicians from the center-north of Portugal. Each and everyone with philharmonic background, created musical “ties” through out national festivities.
Consequently, sharing similar objectives and ideals, arises the opportunity to found a group that could pass on both festive and professional ambient.

On 15th March 2016, Butchers Brass Band was born, with a heavy groove and repertorie based on Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ska, Folk, Gypsy e Balkan Music, having as references musical groups such as NO BS! Brass Band, Young Blood Brass Band, Kumpania Algazarra, Fanfarra Kaustika and Fanfare Ciocărlia.
“Butchers” presents two type of shows: stage performance and street performance.





Youtube: Butchers Brass Band



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