A destination wedding in Slovenia

Today, we have a destination wedding that comes from Slovenia…. Thank you Katja and Simon for taking the time to send me this wonderful wedding! The world is full of great emotions and wonderful places! Thank you so much for sharing!

The bride Katja (yes! the same name as the photographer!) and Matic, chose to have their destination wedding in the middle of August in Novo Celje, Slovenia. 

The area where we’ve been is truly unique. Slovenia has just recently been discovered as a destination wedding location, but most of the weddings happen in Lake Bled. We were so happy to have been able to be a part of this wedding, which took place in an unique and beautiful location.

It was an intimate cerimony, only immediate family and closest friends and they found their dream venue going around the internet! But… they got hooked by the mouth!

 We first came across the venue, a fine dining restaurant adjacent to 18th century mansion and historic tree park, on the Internet. We arraigned a meeting with their in-house wedding planner and it felt right from the moment we got there. The venue itself looked as we hoped – natural and relaxed – but kindness and generosity of the people working at the restaurant, that would also be our caterer, was what made our minds. When we tried the food served there we were hooked!

We knew we wanted Katja and Simon to photograph our wedding ever since we had first seen their work online – even before we got engaged – because we simply loved their photography style and sense of aesthetics. We liked how they made they us feel comfortable and relaxed during the photo shoot. The photos they made reflect the atmosphere and emotions of the day perfectly. We could not have chosen a better team to capture our day and will be forever grateful to them for the beautiful memories they gave us!

All the wedding was full of details. “The guests were gifted bottles of our homemade limoncello, because who doesn’t love good limoncello and also, we will be honeymooning at Amalfi Coast, so it made sense. Also in the gift bags were tubes filled with tarragon infused sea salt, provided by the caterer”.

A DIY wedding were everyone helped to decorate. Friends ad family gather some old stuff that was layed around the venue, to give it a rustic feel. “We had photos of us hanged on twine, wrapped around the tree trunks. Wooden chairs and hanging overhead lighting added extra charm to the whole setting. As the night progressed, the stars came out, the lights and candles shined brighter, and the venue became even more beautiful”.

Like most couples, Katja and Matic wanted everyone to enjoy the food. That was what struck them the first time they were there so, it had to be one of the highlights at the wedding. But, emotions where all over, not just in the food! They had a first look! I always advice everyone: do it! It’s the one time in all your wedding day, that you will have time just for you both. Your unique memony. Your unique moment. It will be your forever in your minds and in the photos. Just yours…

Beside the first look, one of the most sentimental moments was when the bride’s parents presented the grooms with a bottle of pear spirit that her grandparents had wrapped in newspaper of the day she was born, to be opened on the day of her wedding.

What a lovely way to remember them on such a special day. And you, how are you going to remember your love ones?

See all images from thsi wedding here!

Inspire yourself and, be the one to make history!


Photohraphy: Katja & Simon Photography | Brive’s Dress: Envy Room | Bride’s shoes: Kurt Geiger | Groom Attire: Hugo Boss | Wedding Rings: Malalan | Jewllery and accessories:  Gold Birdal Comb, The Wild Rose Accessories | Hair: Jernej Jesenšek |Makeup: Romina Regvat | Stationary: Marko Nikolovski | Floral Design: Vrtnarija Valner | Cake: Galerija okusov | Catering: Galerija okusov & Gelateria Romantika |
Wedding Planner: Goran Obradović | Venue: Dvorec Novo Celje & Galerija okusov | Honeymoon: Naples, Capri & Amalfi Coast

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