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Elopement in Portugal

Gay elopement in Oporto center

This is one of the weddings that is so very close to my heart. Diego and Carlo got into my skin the moment they stepped into Palácio Fenizia, at Porto. Italy still was not doing civil gay marriages (i don’t know if they are doing it these days), and so they decided to start their journey has a family at Porto. Cound’t think of a better choice!

I was just a part of the day, with decoration and taking care of the catering for the coktail time before dinner at DOP, some rentals and music for the ceremony. And what a beautiful ceremony it was, filled with emotion, gratitude and love. We could see in the eyes of all the ones that were present, that this was not an ordinary love, but a love built in strength, friendship, and belief.

We just added a few chairs to the back garden, some flowers, moved around some beautiful furniture allowing the grooms to face the guests. Thank you Diego for trusting me on this! The trumpet sounded the first chords and magic was made. Beautiful vows, and what a tribute their friends made to them. There were laughter and tears but above all, much love in all the words that were spoken.

For sure this was the wedding that most inspired me to start doing symbolic ceremonies. We have a lot to learn from the people that pass through our lives. They live a marc, they can add something and change your direction, they can make you think within, they can even just keep you in the track. These to boys were just fresh air, and still are!

The connection with them and all the guests was incredible. It should have been a wedding to last tree days! Never ending love story. That what we all expect from them.

Dare to be you! Inspire yourself!



Photos by Joao Terra

Video by Make My Day

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