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Because Portugal has some beautiful venues!

When i have videos to show you i always get the feeling that words are not enought. You see the smiles, you hear the laughter, you vibe with the music. Its a complete scenario of the perfect day. And when you get venues like this? Well i feel like they are a small villa with people gathering and  having the time of their life.

There are so many wonderful places to get married that i need to tell you guys not to think just in the traditional quinta. Of couse some are just wonderful and perfect, but…. can you imagine getting married in a different kind of place.

A caffe? A hidden restaurant? An unknown villa? The place where you first met? The church atrium! Come on! It’s time to be more you!

You know. It’s not difficult to find new places. It’s not difficult to find new ways to make your wedding day unique!

Talk to your wedding planner. Ask all the questions that cross your mind! Feel free to imagine things in a different way! In your unique way.

We love challenges. Every vendor I know loves when the grooms tell them ‘I would really like to have food trucks on my wedding! Do you think it’s possible?’.

Of course it’s possible! And we do it with a smile in our face! You won’t hear things like ‘well it’s possible, but we have a package here that you might love and has everything you need, a wonderful place with lovely flowers and our own catering. I feel it’s the best for you’.

I don’t know if you’ve heard stuff like this or similar but you really have to think about you and about what it’s best for you. But, don’t let things in the hands of others. Be firm. Be assertive. Be loyal to yourself!

Video: Shot and Cut

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