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Porque as admiro muito

Hoje o post é à moda do Porto. Bem português. Retrata o dia de quatro mulheres. Diferentes. Mas que se complementam. Mas, já lá vamos… Acima de tudo é um post para falar de duas mulheres que são muito importantes para mim. Não sei se já sentiram aquele momento em que, alguém mexe tanto convosco que dizem… ‘é isto…. eu quero ser como ela quando for grande’. Ter a sua energia. O seu sorriso. A sua vontade de fazer mais e…

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Panquecas, panquecas! Consegui!

Há semanas! Aliás, se pensar melhor, há meses que tenho vindo a tentar fazer panquecas!O bicho pegou quando MacDonalds chegou com os seus maravilhosos pequenos almoços. E com as famosas panquecas americanas. Há uma variedade tão grande de receitas para panquecas que, quem nunca fez, fica perdida sem saber por onde começar! Eu tentei sozinha confesso, mas a coisa foi complicada. Ficavam mais desfeitas que panquecas. Na cozinha tudo tem técnica! Até fazer arroz! Por isso, fazer panquecas parecia que…

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Pink love in a greenhouse

Theresa and Lucas. A botanic garden in Karlsruhe, Germany. Anna & Johannes photographed this wonderful couple in a greenhouse at the KIT Botanical Garden. Despite the freezing temperatures outside, there was a tropical climate inside. It felt like holidays time! It was a great to shoot in a place like this surrounded by nature and it also made the photographer realize that it’s not always easy to shoot in spaces where the temperature can nail some matches! I loved this session…

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Mónica + Philip

There are so many weddings to my heart but just a few in my heart. They know who they are. They know thw months of work. The setbacks. The laughs. The nerves. The endless emails and skypes. The moment of truth when all we planned together comes true. All Amor Pra Sempre couples have something in common.  They all taught me a lot. They are patient (most of the time), they have lives, they have expectations, they even have kids!…

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Who am i? – Ana Pastoria

  Name Ana Pastoria Do you prefer heaven or earth? Without a doubt the earth: I am a very emotional person and sometimes it’s difficult for me to stop dreaming, but the earth is what holds me to the ground and I am very grateful for it! Is there something unique about brides’ faces? There is something unique about all people, from the look to the smile, which makes them special. On the face of the brides stands out immense…

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Happy Valentine’s day! Violets anyone?

On the 16th and 17th of February, there will be a meeting of violets in Lisbon, at the Palácio Marques da Fronteira. An international meeting where people from all over the world come to talk about violets, their different cultivars, different uses, interpretations of violets in history and art. The Five Storytelling Photography were invited to participate in the meeting, not only as photographers of the meeting, but also invited to do a speech. They chose well, i can’t imagine…

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I love you the way you are

This video starts with a traditional Portuguese folklore. More Portuguese i think not even fado. A wedding where what stands out is the honesty of feelings, the simplicity full of good taste and a huge willingness to be happy. I’ve been talking to a friend who’s been married for a little over a year now. He has been to some weddings. The one he liked the most was the one that ‘joined the family and friends in the garden’. Tables…

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