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How photos tell a story

This is the story of the outdoor destination wedding of Luis and Araceli. What a great joy it was to be a part of it! So many things to tell…but, let’s get to the story…


1. the bride is beautiful.


2. Hair and makeup done 🙂


3. Her dress was breathtaking but had so many buttons! We were 3 trying to get them all closed! Hard task i can tell you!


4. Everything was in place to welcome the bride


5. And the groom light up when he saw her


6. And what an emotional ceremony it was… So many smiles, so many tears… So many words for the heart.


7. And i had to make them let everyone go to have a moment or two before the light went down… for a couple ou photos…for a moment for the two of them… But, i’ve noticed, even more now with the photos that, these grooms, never forgot about them. They had their moments. Their eyes crossed so many times. They hug. They hold hands. This is so important…


8. The rain made us change so many of our plans but… We got everything where it had to be 🙂 So many details, so many things to get in place. What a joy it was to see the team working together as one…


9. And the party went on and on with the band, that came straight from Madrid to get everyone going crazy! What a great party it was!


10. So many hours that just fly away… Miss summer days. Don’t you? Check out the all gallery here!


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Wedding Planning: Amor Pra Sempre | Makeup: Bárbara Brandão | Hair: Daniela Reis | Styling, deco and design: Make My Day | Photos: Look Imaginary | Tent: Seabras Eventos | Catering: Grandes Encontros | Video: Make My Day

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