Laughts and embraces

It’s true. I like emotional weddings. I like weddings with everyone is with crying.

I love weddings that make me remind good moments, moments that sometimes makes us cry of ‘saudade’. I like weddings when you can see the emotion in the eyes of people. Not just for the song that is behind played but because the priest is telling us life stories that make us want to become a better person.

I like weddings where the groom and the bride Exchange vows and say the most beautiful things about each other. Vows where they make promises and plan many futures together.

I’m a touch person. I like to embrace. I wish i embrace people more sometimes. I think i’m gonna miss a lot of the embraces that i don’t give nowadays.

I don’t have a kind of photography that i prefer. I love all styles of photography. But, they have to have something special. Something that makes me marry again. Or something that makes me dream of the past and about the future.

Luis Efigénio has the ability to capture the right tear. I wasn’t at this wedding but, i have goose pumps just for seeing the pictures. Normally i have lots of pictures that show bride and groom, or many others showing decoration, details… This weddings i can show something different, something that is more important to me than all the details and all the music in the world! Laughter and embraces, what else do you need?

So, try to imagine the bride’s speech and what was in the minds of everyone that shed a tear at the wedding and… get inspired. And hold on very tight to the ones you love!

See entire gallery here and get inspired for your day! Make it unique…


Photos: Luis Efigénio

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