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Angela and Ronaldo. They to back a couple of years. They pass by these pages afete a styledshoot with Jesus Caballero. What a great day we had. Their love got stronger, their house got bigger and now it’s time to get to the next level.

Angela, Ginha for friends, is the kind of girl I turn to when I need a good place to dinner. She is a foodie and Ronaldo sticks with her. For better and worse.

I will not see her nor him tomorrow on their wedding day, but I have assisted her growth as a woman and lover.

I know she worked hard and got herself the DIY wedding of her dreams! It was hard to wait for the proposal day to come – she was the last of the girls to have the ring on her finger after two years of ten weddings! Come on! It’s hard!!

I know she will be gorgeous and Ronaldo will be a great support and friend.

This is my way to thank you and to wish that tomorrow will be one of the most wonderful day of your lifes! I’ll be here waiting for the photos and for a selfie!!

A big kiss for you both! Be happy!


Photos: Conta-me Como Foi

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