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DIY Christmas Village

Ok… So i’ve been decorating the house for Christmas. It’s the most magical time of the year. Some days ago i heard someone say that people just turn to eachother during xmas time… I guess in part it’s true. Hopefully some will do their job for humanity during December, others (like us!) do it all year long. We are UNICEF friends and donate every month, we also heal some animal shelters with a year donation and also donate for food banks, for people and animals.

With this i just would like to ask everyone to make a donation to an organization that you feel does something that for you it’s important. Make your difference. Give your mark. Give a little of your money, a little of your time, a little of your heart to the ones that really don’t have anything besides blood in the veins. We can’t call life to this. HELP. GIVE. LOVE.

I believe what we do good will come in return. This past days i was in a meeting with a couple that told me that their where thinking of not having a gift for their guests, instead they want to make a donation to an hospital and tell everyone that their gift was something greater then a little bottle. I’m honor to get to know people that think like this.

Hopefully you will remember these words when you stumble with a UNICEF volunteer or with your town scouts asking for food donation at your close to home supermarket.

As for me, time to give something back to you too. Thanks for being there, For checking out my blog, for reading my posts. You allow me to be myself. And because Christmas is a time of joy, of hapiness and a time to GIVE. Here is something i planned for a few days and just finished a couple of hours ago. I’ve been playing around with Adobe Illustrator after i got addicted to Creative market!

When i was wondering in the internet for some DIY decor to Ema’s school i found some great stuff and got inspired. So, here is a little Christmas Village for you to get in the spirit. Get your kids together and hands to work! I hope you have some fun!

The photos are just for you to be inspired because you can create your own village at your desire. I’de love you to send me back some photos of the work you’ce done!

Here is our village! Hope you like it and that this Christmas happiness gets in your hear like it did in ours!

Soooooo let’s start!


You’ll need:

– 50gr printing paper (or just use simple printing paper and glue it into paper or cardboard – it’s just hard to cut off!) or use photo paper printing

– Scissors

– Glue

– Three or four wooden sticks (you can use some branches from outside, i think it would look great, or even do the frame with cardboard and white glue it to make it stonger). I used three little sticks i had lost in the cutlery drawer from the sushi wrapper that was damaged.

– String (i used some green crochet thread, but you can also use other kind of thread, even that brown one that feels rough)

– a card box or a rectangle of styrofoam

– toothpicks




After printing all the images – you can download them here, print as many as you want. Then get the scissors and start cutting!




The cardbox should be something like this on the above photo. But, use what you find at home. If the box has a stange color you can just wrap it up in another paper with a different color.




After cutting all the figures, add some glue to the back and put the toothpick that will serv to stand the images up in the box.




To make the frame, use the yarn to tie both sticks, and then do the same for the center of the frame.




Now you’re ready to start creating your village adding the figures as you like! Design your own village! You can just put a big bear, a christmas tree, a deer, the candles and the frame. Or, like me, go a little crazy and create a small florest!












End by adding this little green border to give it a fancy touch and add some fake snow flakes (i used some spray glue in the box to secure the snow!).


Inspire yourself!


Photos: Mónica Magalhães

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