A touch of a fairy tale in an inspiring destination wedding

When are you gonna get married? What kind of venue will you choose? What’s the decoration gonna look like? Who is going to attend? Who s gonna be the dj? And the photographer? What will you have at dinner? Who is gonna arrange everything for you because you just don’t have the time to deal with so many questions?

Well, these are just a few of the lots and lots of doubts you’ll have during the process… But, with the right vendors, the right pair of hands to help, you can have a wonderful, special and unique day.

Gabi and Joe’s wedding has many details. Many hands. Many feelings and Pedro’s photos show it very well. Such an emotional day captured in hugs, kisses, smiles… You have so much to take in with this wedding! Start dreaming about your own!

When Gabi and Joe told us about the ideas they had to celebrate the wedding, we were sure it was going to be different and special. And we can guarantee one thing. It exceeded our expectations. It was an emotional wedding. Everything flowed with a fantastic naturalness. With a decoration that looks simple but with a huge complexity. Gabi is an economist and basilian and Joe is mathematician with portuguese roots.

You don’t see many embraces like these. Many hand kisses like that. But what i’ve never seen was a bouquet like that! And no, i’m not talking about the one she held on her hands while walking down the aisle! I’m talking about the frog that needed to be kissed by the love of his life to become prince charming and for both to be ‘happily ever after’.

Imagination! Uau… This is something to be copied! Sorry, Gabi and Joe! But i need to pass this one on! It’s a great idea… I need to show grooms that you can do differently with just one detail. You don’t need lots of money to make it happen.

A frog and a love story painted on the shoes… Mixed with all that love, could only turn out to be a great wedding. Thak you Pedro Filipe

To see all the photos click here!

Inspire yourself!


Photography: Pedro Filipe Fotografia | Video: Belmiro Ribeiro  | Venue: Quinta da Eira | Bride’s Dress: Rembo Styling | Bride’s shoes: DoGo | Flower Design: Isabel Castro Freitas Arte Floral | Groom’s Suite: Scabal

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