7 reasons to travel to Douro Valley

Well we all know that we are Douro Valley fans. We are fans of the land. Fans of the food. Fans of the wine. Fans of the people. The winds that blows there is go good to breathe. It’s pure. You are in peace. You can hear the sound of the wind… Uau, i felt like Pocahontas now!

I’m so pround of what our country is and whet we have to offer that its feels very easy to talk about Douro Valley. Everything is great there. You wont miss the beach or the city. You’ll find out that the river has so much to give as the ocean.

There are so many why’s to pack and come. But i’ll give you my thoughts about it:

1. It’s beautiful

Foto: Magazine Luxury Retreats


2. Some of the most beautifull hotels in the world are located here. Luxury hotels. Romantic Hotels. Winery Hotels. Historic Hotels.


Foto: Douro Valley Six Senses


3. The food is exceptional! You can have such gastromonic experiences!


4.  The people are friendly! You will feel so welcome and won’t want to lieve!

douro people

Douro Museum Photo


5. At Douro Valley you’ll find the best wine in the world. Oporto wine. Douro wine. You must try it! You’ll be amazed!

tasting room quinta do bonfim

Foto: Grahams


6.  You can experience the nature…

moinhos de ovil

Foto: Moinhos de Ovil


7. You can live the river…

douro a vela

Foto: Isabel Saldanha


So, are you coming for a visit or do you need more excuses? Better, are you coming to get married here? I’ll give you a glipse of what your wedding can look like in a couple of hours! Stay tuned!


Featured foto: Semarkinhas Private Holidays Villa


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